Arian Capital Management Limited.

Our Services


Portfolio Review & Reporting

Provided you subscribe to our Discretionary Portfolio Management Service, we will make available to you, a portfolio performance report once every quarter end. The report will normally include, but will not be limited to:

  • Status, including structure and changes in the composition within and over the period with detailed analyses of the contributions and listing of securities/investments added and realized, if traded
  • Performance assessment based on flat and annualized returns
  • Portfolio risk profile and comments
  • Strategies to be adopted over the next period

Investment Instruments

  • Federal and State Government Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds

Cash Deposits/Money Markets Treasury Bills

  • Primary Market Securities
  • Secondary Market Securities
  • Mutual Funds



We SPECIALIZE in building portfolios of a diverse mix and managing portfolios where they already exist, with a view to maximizing their growth and profitability.

We take your specific circumstances into consideration and build a portfolio BEST SUITED to achieve your financial and investment objectives.

We ensure that your portfolio will BALANCE your RISK PROFILE with your CAPITAL GROWTH and INCOME OBJECTIVES; including ensuring returns on investment and that your recurrent liquidity needs are met.

We will jointly review the progress of the investment decisions made to evaluate the SUCCESS and CONTINUED SUITABILITY to your INVESTMENT OBJECTIVES.


We execute buy and sell transactions for high net worth individuals and organizations. Speed, Precision, Professionalism, Market timing are the primary thrust of our service.

This service is for clients who wish for their portfolios to be managed by ACML on a fully discretionary basis. ACML will therefore not need to seek your consent in order to make and execute individual investment decisions on your behalf in the management of your portfolio to achieve your stated investment objectives.

This service is for clients who want to retain control over their investment decisions. ACML will need your express consent before implementing any specific individual investment decisions on this portfolio. You are therefore ultimately responsible for the performance of your portfolio. ACML will provide advice and recommendations as necessary but you retain the decision-making authority.

This service is only available to our clients with portfolios in excess of N5 million. We dedicate our experienced personnel to work to ensure timely delivery of scrip issues, dividend payments and rectify other scrip anomalies to ensure that the time value of money is maximized.

This is a money market instrument. We bid on behalf of our clients through a specialized dealer.

Our Fees

Our Strategy

  •  We will dedicate a team of professionals to consider the options and the relative performance of each class of assets before implementing any investment decisions on your behalf.
  • We will continuously work to build and establish a portfolio designed to produce an Income and Growth (capital return) from your assets under our management